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Panchakarma in Haines Alaska June-August 2015



3, 5 and 7 day Panchakarma treatments are available, at $500/day. Panchakarma treatments are
located in a retreat setting with a scenic view of the Lynn Canal!

  • Private accommodations, include, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, with areas to sit and walk
    overlooking the Lynn Canal.
  • Vegetarian meals and herbal teas.
  • Daily treatments include: Abyanga (Ayurvedic Massage), Shirodara, (head and scalp
    Treatment to calm the mind), Nasya (Treatment for the head and sinus region), Swedena
    (herbal steam tent), Basti and Virechana (internal cleansing), daily assessment (tongue and
    pulse diagnosis).

For more information & dates available please contact: 530.518.3368


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